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State Exam Courses

Applied Cybernetics (AKSZ)
Artificial Intelligence (UISZ)
Automatic Control (AŘSZ)
Biocybernetics (BKSZ)
Control and Decision Systems (ŘRSZ)
Control Systems (ŘISZ)
Control Theory (TŘSZ)
Decision Systems (ROSZ)
Information and Control Systems (IŘSZ)


Bachelor State Final Exam IS (BZIB)
Adaptive Systems (AS)
Agent Technologies (AGT)
Algorithms and Programming in Cybernetic (APK)
An Introduction into Computer Security and Information Protection (UBOI)
Application of Cybernetics to Mechanical Engineering (AKS)
Artificial Intelligence (UI)
Automatic Control (AŘ)
Automatic Control 1 (AŘ1)
Automatic Control 2 (AŘ2)
Automatic Natural Language Processing (SZPJ)
Bachelor State Final Exam CC (BZPŘ)
Bachelor State Final Exam IC (BZIK)
Basics of Cybernetics for Informatics (ZKYI)
Biometric and Security Systems (BBS)
Completed Seminar Work (SPC)
Computer systems (POSS)
Computer Vision (ZDO)
Control and use of unmanned aerial vehicles (RVB)
Control System Design (NŘS)
Control System Instrumentation (TPŘ)
Control Theory (TŘ)
Cybernetics (KY)
Cybernetics and Control Engineering (BZKŘT)
Defence of Bachelor Thesis (OKŘTB)
Defence of Bachelor Thesis CC (OBPŘ)
Defence of Bachelor Thesis IC (OBIK)
Defence of Bachelor Thesis IS (OBIB)
Defence of Master (Ing.) Thesis (OKŘT)
Defence of Master (Ing.) Thesis (OŘRS)
Diagnostics and Decision Processes (DR)
Embedded Control Systems (VŘS)
Estimation Theory (TOD)
Expert Systems (ZSY)
Fundamentals of Artifical Intelligence (ZUI)
Fundamentals of Cybernetics (ZKY)
Fundamentals of Machine Learning and Recognition (ZSUR)
History of Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence (HKUI)
Hlasové dialogové systémy (HDS)
Human and New Technologies (CNT)
Industrial Control Systems (PS)
Information and Control Systems 1 (IŘS1)
Information and Control Systems 2 (IŘS2)
Instrumentation of Control Systems (PRX)
Internet Technologies (ITE)
Introduction in Shadow Speaker Practice (SRU)
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (UUI)
Introduction to Cellular System Modeling (ZMB)
Introduction to Engineering Modelling (UIM)
Introduction to Machine Perception and Understanding (USVP)
Introduction to Robotics and Mechatronics (URM)
Introduction to System Identification and Fault Detection (ZIS)
Linear Systems 1 (LS1)
Linear Systems 2 (LS2)
Mathematical Control Theory (MCT)
Matlab (MATL)
Methods of Computer Vision (MPV)
Modelling and Simulation 1 (MS1)
Modelling and Simulation 2 (MS2)
Modelling in biocybernetics (BIOM)
Neural Networks and Evolutionary Strategies (NSES)
Nonlinear systems (NS)
Operational Analysis (OA)
Optimal Systems (OPS)
Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning (SUR)
Principles of Electronic Control Systems (PSR)
Project 2 (PRJ2)
Project 3 (PRJ3)
Project 4 (PRJ4)
Project 5 (PRJ5)
Remote Sensing (DPZ)
Robust Control of Linear Systems (RLS)
Semester Project 4 AIA (PUIA4)
Semester Project 5 AIA (PUIA5)
Shadow Speaker Training (SRP)
Signal processing (ZSI)
Simulink (SIMUL)
Speech Analysis and Recognition (ARŘ)
Stochastic Processes (STP)
SW Development for Automotive Industry (SWAP)
System Analysis (SYA)
System Identification and Filtration (ISF)
Systems and Models (SM)
Systems of Perception and Understanding (SVP)
Thesis Tutorial (BPKŘT)
Thesis Tutorial (DP)
Thesis Tutorial CC (BPPŘ)
Thesis Tutorial IC (BPIK)
Thesis Tutorial IS (BPIB)
Transducers of Physical Quantities (PFV)