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Defence of Master (Ing.) Thesis (OŘRS)

Credits: 0 ( Lectures: 0, Practical lessons: 0)
Semester: LS
Ending: zk
Guarantor: Psutka Josef


Course objectives:
The defence of the thesis is an integral part of the Final State Examination. It is 
organized by the Department of Cybernetics in accordance with the Faculty Regulations 
governing Final State Examinations. Students are allowed to defend their theses only when 
they have met all the requirements of the given programme of study. 

Requirements on student
Defence of the bachelor thesis at the examination board. 

Students are required to submit the diploma thesis in written form, perform its oral presentation and defend obtained results. 


Od studentů se vyžaduje předložení diplomové práce v písemné formě, její ústní prezentace a obhajoba získaných výsledků. 


Obhajoba diplomové práce před státní zkušební komisí