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Thesis Tutorial (DP)

Credits: 18 ( Lectures: 0, Practical lessons: 0)
Semester: LS
Ending: zp
Guarantor: Psutka Josef
Lecturer: Vašíček Vojtěch


Course objectives:
Elaboration of Master Thesis is a necessary condition to sit for the Final State Examinations in the given field of study. Topics for Master theses are set by the Department of 
Cybernetics in accordance with the Faculty Regulations governing Final State Examinations. 
Consultations and guidance are provided by thesis supervisors and other members of the Department. 
The purpose is to ensure that student can: 
- practice a scientific method of work with critical evaluation, analysis, and synthesis. 
- apply an engineering approach to work with formulation and solution of problems. 
- perform an independent project and present this in oral and written forms. 

Requirements on student
Requirement for obtaining the course credit is active participation in consultations for working out the thesis and providing the thesis to its supervisor in required by him level of elaboration. 

Student independently solves problems of the assigned diploma work and, after completion, student submits it as the Bachelor's thesis in a written form. 


Student samostatně řeší problematiku v zadané diplomové práci a předkládá ji v písemné formě. 


Podmínkou pro udělení zápočtu je aktivní účast na konzultacích ke zpracování kvalifikační práce a její předložení vedoucímu práce v jím požadovaném stupni rozpracování.


Dle zadání diplomové práce./ With regard to the MA thesis topic.