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Declaration of accessibility

The website of the Department of Cybernetics has been created with a view to achieving the highest possible accessibility of its content. The site meets all the important accessibility criteria according to the methodologies Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0, Blind Friendly Web and Rules of creating accessible web pages (in Czech).

The layout and content structure is created by the structural XHTML 1.0 Strict, the visual presentation by means of cascading style sheets (CSS).


All texts are defined in relative units and their size can be adjusted by means of standard search engine tools.


The website also includes the CSS style for print version. All the pages are printable without any limitations using the standard tools of an Internet search engine (typically a printer icon in the navigation bar of the search engine or via the navigation menu File – Print).

Access Keys

For the basic navigation elements of web presentation, the following access keys are available: 

  • Alt + 0 Declaration of accessibility
  • Alt + 1 Homepage
  • Alt + 2 Site map
  • Alt + 3 Contact
  • Alt + a Section of Automatic Control Engineering
  • Alt + i Section of Information and Control Systems
  • Alt + u Section of Artificial Intelligence

The combination of keys [alt + access key] is used in the environment of the search engine Internet Explorer and Firefox version 1.X. In Firefox version 2.X, the combination for access keys is [shift + alt + access key]. The search engine Opera has the combination of keys [shift + esc] followed by the access key. In other search engines or on different platforms it can differ.